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Midwife Roars out for Skin-to-skin Care

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“With birth comes power, both my births have made me realise the immense power and strength I hold within me”. – Mansi Ashta, India (who inspired this post) By Lina Duncan (Photo credit: @BornInBombay) I have witnessed many extremes of backgrounds: prenatal care versus little or none, well fed women versus malnourished, safe housing and […]

Baby River: This is Your Story

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*River’s story is about childbearing loss, love, life and healing* Birth often takes us to a place we had never imagined. The extremes of all emotions can be felt in the short hours and long days. Birth can be so different than our vision and plans. It can leave us with feelings beyond our imagination and […]

Orgasm- A Tool for Birth (From the OBirth Library)

Orgasmic Birth!

Submitted by Shiraz Ariel Drori, Israel I am a mother of three great kids, birth coach and doula and want to share with you a special story. The idea that there is a connection between the womb and orgasm had emerged in my head when I was 8 months pregnant with my first baby. I […]

Marta Prepared for Mega-Orgasmic Birth

Join Aviva at the Orgasmic Birth Virtual Conference

“The body is not able to handle pain and pleasure at once.” While in Belgium for the 2013 Midwifery Today Conference, O Birth Director Debra Pascali-Bonaro, and Robbie Davis-Floyd Ph.D. met with Marta, a woman who prepared and experienced orgasmic birth after surviving challenges and tragedy of past births. Debra of O Birth asked Marta […]

The Breech Birth of Edith


This is the birth story of Emily’s third child, Edith. Edith was born at home, breech, in the water. By Emily Willett Edith is an old name which means “spoils of war” or “treasure.” My Edith is exactly that. She is a sweet treasure at the end of a type of war—a battle against the […]

The Birth of Aoife Joy Warren


Written by: Aoife’s parents, Amy & Dan Warren Amy: I woke at about 5:00am on Thursday with rhythmic, menstrual-like cramps. I had been experiencing practice contractions over the past couple weeks — painless contractions that, nevertheless, felt functional, like they were slowly and gently beginning to open my cervix. These cramps were different, though familiar; […]

Unhurrying the Moment of Meeting

Unhurrying the Moment of Meeting

By Mary Esther Malloy Mary Esther’s Midwife, Valeriana Pasqua Masback, is one of the featured Midwives in the Orgasmic Birth movie.  Thank you Mary Esther for sharing your writing here on Orgasmic Birth! “What’s inside an eye?”  My daughter turns three today and this was her question that started our day.  While I am certain […]